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I have been going to the Yukon for 15 years. My husband and I love to go in the winter when it is -20 to -40 centigrade.

Dated 21st February 2016 Read More

Christmas Newsletter

There is snow on the hills and there is a definite bite in the air up here in Scotland.

Dated 14th December 2015 Read More

Presents for Women Over 50

Many women who appreciate quality buy my designs. They can see the workmanship is excellent and that the stones are stunning 

Dated 9th December 2015 Read More

Gifts for Women for £20

A present can be top quality and still cost under £20 and be adored. Women love jewellery so will be thrilled to get a piece of sterling silver jewellery

Dated 8th December 2015 Read More

Designing for the National Gallery

For the last 15 years I have been designing jewellery for some of the largest museums and galleries in Europe. My latest silver jewellery collection at the National Gallery in London has just gone< Dated 7th December 2015 Read More

Top Gifts under £30

You can purchase stunning pieces of silver jewellery set with semi-precious stones for under £30. Each piece is quality and will be loved and treasured.

Dated 6th December 2015 Read More

Top 10 Presents For Teenage Girls

Even teenagers love silver jewellery. These inexpensive gifts are great value for a piece of sterling silver jewellery with semi-precious stones that will be really treasured.

Dated 29th November 2015 Read More

Silver Jewellery Winter Collection Launch

New Season's Jewellery Collection.

I have now launched my new silver jewellery collection for the cold dark wintery months ahead.

Dated 23rd November 2015 Read More

Newspaper Article

My local paper, The Oban Times, printed an article about me this week.

Dated 18th November 2015 Read More

Sneak Preview of New Silver Jewellery Designs

My new designs are now ready and I am launching them soon on the website. Seeing lots of silver jewellery laid out altogether makes it look like a Treasure Trove....

Dated 10th November 2015 Read More

Birthstones - Birthstone for November

Smoky Quartz and Citrine are the birthstones for November and they are also prominent autumn colours.

Smoky Quartz is one of my favourtie semi-precious stones because it looks so elegant an Dated 2nd November 2015 Read More

Jewellery Designs Inspired By Northern Lights

Last week, the night sky was incredible as it was lit up with the Northern Lights which were green and red and a hint of blue. They were the best I have ever seen in Scotland Dated 24th October 2015 Read More

Work-Life Balance

Over the last few years, the work/life balance has become very important to me. I used to work 12-14 hour days and every weekend. Now I realise how important it is to inco Dated 16th October 2015 Read More

Madrid Trip

Just got back last week from Madrid. I was working together with a client on some designs which was fun. Whenever i am in Madrid, I always visit the Prado which is Spain's Dated 30th September 2015 Read More

Welcome to the Blog

I am Claire Hartley. I design silver jewellery set with semi precious stones. I hope to share my life with you and show you how it inspires my jewellery.

Dated 18th September 2015 Read More
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