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Jewellery Designs Inspired By Northern Lights

Posted 24th October 2015

Last week, the night sky was incredible as it was lit up with the Northern Lights which were green, white and red with a hint of blue. They were the best I have ever seen in Scotland.

I am so fortunate to have been able to see them most years for the last 12 years when we go to the Yukon in the winter.

Some years they are astounding as they fill the entire sky. Wherever you turn something different is happening - green light can be raining down in curtains on one side whilst white light radiates alternately brighter and dimmer on the other.

                         Northern Lights in The Yukon

I have designed a silver jewellery collection that is inspired by the Northern Lights. I have used faceted peridot stones as they are translucent and so they look like light radiates from within them. For some pieces I have added freshwater pearls because the Lights I have seen are predominantly green with some white.

I wanted to design some pieces that had movement in them. These peridot and pearl silver earrings move beautifully when they are worn with the peridot catching the light.

              peridot and pearl silver earrings           

These peridot studs show the intensity of the stones                  perisot silver studs


This peridot silver necklace radiates light from the stones but also was designed with the idea of the Northern Lights radiating outwards from a central spot.

                perisot silver necklace


See more of my peridot silver jewellery inspired by the Northern Lights.


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