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Claire Hartley

Madrid Trip

Posted 30th September 2015


I just got back last week from Madrid. I was working together with a client on some silver jewellery designs which was really fun. Whenever I am in Madrid, I always visit the Prado which is Spain's main National Art Museum. I love the painting by Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights. It is full of really mad images as well as some great animal pictures including this elephant with a monkey on it's back which is great.

I also met up with friends and went to the Botanical Garden's which is such a great place to escape the city heat and have a picnic. The flowers are fantastic and after a previous visit 2 years ago I was inspired to design these pieces of silver jewellery.

Pearl silver earrings, pearl silver jewellery

Click to see these Pearl and Silver Earrings

Olive Topaz Silver Bracelet, Silver Jewelry

Click to see my Olive Topaz Silver Bracelet

See a few pieces of my botanical inspired designs here.


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