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Claire Hartley

Presents for Women Over 50

Posted 9th December 2015

Many women who appreciate quality buy my designs. They can see the workmanship is excellent and that the semi-precious stones are stunning and they say they love to wear my pieces time and time again.

Many women love the special Limited Edition pieces as they are extra special and when over 50 one appreciates the finer things in life and often women prefer to buy one or two special pieces rather than buying cheaper jewellery that is not so treasured.

     Amethyst Silver Bracelet

This designer bracelet is set with stunning Madagascan amethyst's in sterling silver. It is a superb piece.

    Mixed Stone Silver Bracelet

This simple bracelet looks really gorgeous and goes with so many outfits.

  Garnet Silver Necklace

This silver necklace set with garnet's is very elegant.

  Smoky Quartz Silver Bracelet

This bracelet with smoky quartz is set in sterling silver and is extremely glamorous.


  Garnet Silver Necklace

This flamboyant garnet necklace is very eye-catching.

  Pearl Silver Earrings

These stylish pearl and silver earrings look stunning on.

  Silver Onyx Oval Pendant

This simple onyx silver pendant is popular with women of all ages from those in their 20's to those in their 70's as this is a classic piece and it looks so stylish and elegant.

Claire Hartley Silver Jewellery.


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