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Vouchers are available in £10, £20, £50 and £100 denominations so you can select any combination to reach the amount you require. Vouchers are valid for up to a year from the purchase date.

Once purchased, you can allocate your gift voucher to your recipient here.

If you have several vouchers for one recipient you can select Combine Vouchers in Shopping basket to give one amount. Only one voucher can be used per order so by combining vouchers the recipient can make one order of the combined value of vouchers. If the vouchers are given separately the recipient must make separate orders. If you leave the vouchers separate you can send them to different people.

Buying Gift Vouchers

1. Select voucher amount you require. 2. Pay for voucher. 3. Give recipient's details. 4. Choose for it to be sent by email or print it yourself to give in person. 

Using Gift Vouchers

1. Recipient creates account on Claire Hartley's website using same email address that voucher was sent to.   2. Recipient enters Gift Voucher code at checkout

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