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Claire Hartley

Work-Life Balance

Posted 16th October 2015

Over the last few years, the work/life balance has become very important to me. I used to work 12-14 hour days and every weekend. Now I realise how important it is to incorporate time out at points in the day and make time for the things I love to do. After a hectic day in the office yesterday, I decided to cook outside on the open fire using my Australian cast iron pot. When dinner was nearly ready the sunset got brighter and brighter until the sky was alight. I never enhance my photos as I always want to show exactly how something looked and as you can see it was absolutely magnificent.

Sunset over Argyll


The reds and golds are so rich and I particularly love working with garnets in my

work as they are such luxurious stones.

Garnet Silver Bracelet

This garnet silver bracelet is very eye-catching and sparkles beautifully.

It is a show stopper like the sunset and even these simple garnet studs look

fabulous because of the richness of the faceted garnets.

Garnet Silver Studs


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