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Sneak Preview of New Silver Jewellery Designs

Posted 10th November 2015

My new designs are now ready and I am launching them soon on the website. Seeing lots of silver jewellery laid out altogether makes it look like a Treasure Trove with all the different colour gemstones sparkling and the array of such different designs. It is such an exciting time and I am really pleased with the finished pieces. When designing a piece of silver jewellery, it takes months from doing my first sketches to having the final piece in front of me. It is not a quick process because I want to ensure that each individual piece has excellent quality semi-precious stones and that it is made to be the best that it can be.

I am revealing a few jewellery designs today just to whet your apetite!

                    Amethyst Silver Earrings

These amethyst silver earrings are absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to design an earring that when worn would have an explosion of movement and colour. They look really incredible.

Silver Gemstone Necklace


For those that like delicate feminine silver jewellery, I have designed this iolite silver necklace. The rich deep translucent stones are the colour of sapphires and very striking and eye-catching.



My new amethyst and pearl earrings will look fabulous at a party. The Madagascan amethysts are such a deep rich colour it makes them radiate elegance.

Amethyst Silver Earrings



As usual, all of the jewellery is set in 925 sterling silver.


Don't worry I will be launching them soon!


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