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Posted 18th September 2015

Claire HartleyI am Claire Hartley. I design silver jewellery set with semi precious stones. I hope to share my life with you and show you how it inspires my jewellery.

My aim is to create eye-catching silver jewellery which will make women feel fabulous and will attract the comments and admiration of others.

My gemstone jewellery is influenced both by the remote location where I live and the travelling I do where I sit and sketch, absorbing different cultures and watching the world go by from a street café but my jewellery will always encompass an element of the Scottish hills and lochs that I return to.

I am lucky to live on Scotland’s West Coast and to be part of life in an island community. The storms that winter brings with their crashing waves and buffeting winds are embodied in my jewellery, so too are the sun’s reflections off the sea and the vivid colours of the flowers.

Every year my husband and I visit the Yukon in February in temperatures of minus 30 to minus 40 degrees Centigrade. The deep deep snow and vast wilderness and Northern Lights always excite and inspire me. I also love the bustling European Cities with their amazing art galleries and architecture as well as camping in the wild Outback of Australia and Alaska and village life in Africa and India.

My designs embody the contrasts that make up my life, influenced by travel, my quiet island life and the beauty of nature.

In my blogs I will talk about individual designs and show you the inspiration and influences behind them. I would love you to send me any comments, questions or photographs.

I am translating the adventure of my life into my work as I go and I want to share that with you.


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