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Claire Hartley

Top 10 Presents For Teenage Girls

Posted 29th November 2015

Even teenagers love silver jewellery. I know this because I have been giving it for many years. Some of the more special pieces are kept for evenings out but I find the most popular are the the studs because the girls wear them every single day.

The gifts are inexpensive, often under £20, great value for a piece of sterling silver with semi-precious stones that will be really treasured for years to come...and if lost, mourned (and then at least you know what to buy them next time!)

The three key things to bear in mind are: Small, Delicate, Simple.

Teenagers really do like sparkly things!

What colour is their hair? The general rule is if they have dark hair choose a light colour such as moonstone, amethyst, peridot or blue topaz.

If they have fair hair, select a darker stone such as garnet, iolite and possibly amethyst.

Even my 13 year old friend can spot quality and she chose small round garnet studs that look fantastic on her.

Studs I find to be the most popular present because teenagers will wear the same pair every day to school and look good. See the full stud collection here        

and the pendant collection here


1. Teardrop Silver Studs. These are simple, small and look fantastic.

 Garnet Silver Studs

2. Round Silver Studs. These are perfect for the younger teens and smaller girls

.Moonstone Silver Studs

3. Oval Silver Studs. These are adored by the 14-18 year olds. A classic design that they will wear well into their twenties.

Amethyst Silver Studs

4. Small Delicate Pendant. This rectangular design is very popular. It looks so feminine.

 Moon Pendant

5. Oval Silver Pendant. The simple designs are always the best with the teenagers- especially the younger ones

.Blue Topaz Pendant

6. Teardrop Silver pendant. This classic shape is one they love and wear often.

 Silver Pendant

7. Square Silver Studs. For the girls that like to be different and look great

.Blue Topaz Studs

8. Teardrop Silver Earrings. For girls that do like to wear earrings, I choose a small, simple design. These are perfect

.Moon Earrings

9. Small Silver Stud. This leaf shape is popular because it is small and looks great on

.Peridot Studs

10. Small Silver Pendant. This design has been popular as it is a delicate piece

.Moonstone Pendant


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