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Birthstones - Birthstone for November

Posted 2nd November 2015

Smoky Quartz and Citrine are the birthstones for November and they are also prominent autumn colours.

Smoky Quartz Silver EarringsSmoky Quartz is one of my favourtie semi-precious stones because it looks so elegant and set in silver it looks very expensive. It is believed that it protects and grounds one physically and spiritually and that it protects against emotional and environmental stress.

Researchers of Smoky Quartz have said that it can relieve chronic pain, muscle cramps, headaches and tension of the shoulders and back and it can be used to remove toxins from the body and used as an aid to quit smoking. The term “Smoky Quartz” was first reported to the gem world by J. S. Dana in 1837 and was named for its color which had been likened to smoke. 

                         Smoky Quartz Silver Bracelet

Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of quartz ranging in color from pale to golden yellow. 

Citrine Earrings



 It is believed that citrine awakens creativity and imagination and assists in acquiring wealth and maintaining it and this is why it is called the Merchant's stone.


Citrine looks particularly stunning on women with brown or dark hair.

Citrine Bracelet






For more information about the properties of the stones, click here.


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